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The Happiness Matrix

The Matrix Formula:

There are four basic things that a man must acheive and balance in order to find and keep happiness.  These must each be balanced against one another, otherwise there will be internal discontent within the soul.  This can either result in a subconcious unexpressable feeling of internal discord or a fully concious feeling of unhappiness.

The four areas a man must wrap his constant focus and attention around in order to find and keep happiness are:

     Health - Fill your body with super foods and

                   design a successful daily workout regimine

     Love - Surround yourself with friends, family and [a] lover(s)

     Career: Feel satiated by a solid career, rather than a job. 

     Purpose/Spirituality: Embrace a self-less cause and recognize

                    your place in the greater universe - awaken your passion!

These may sound simple and obvious, but making a concious effort to neither letting any *one* of these become the end all be all for happiness nor letting any *one* of these become neglected is critical to being a generally well-balanced and happy person.


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