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Purpose: With this site, I begin the manifestation of my own purpose in helping others...

Welcome to Vegan Assassin's Happiness Matrix Website

Welcome to my web page son.  Are you seeking happiness? 

Do you sometimes find it, only to then see it leave, and you are unsure why?

Check game son

If you want to be happy and STAY happy, you need to balance all of these areas of your life.  Each and every day must be an effort in balance and achievement in these areas or else happiness will be ephemeral and elusive. 

With your permission ...

...allow me to walk you through my journey of discovering each of these areas which I have found are critical for a man's happiness, and then my own personal path at finding them all, with continual everyday effort to this day in maintaining a balance in each.  My hope is that my journey can bring others enlightment and illumination in their own path of happiness.

Note: Feel free to poke around, but obviously I need to get some work done on this web site.

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